Cold Storage and Refrigerated Logistics

True to our mission of providing a full complement of supply chain services, Wavepoint COLD storage with refrigerated logistics capabilities is a single-source solution that is scalable to meet the needs of food processors, temperature-controlled manufacturers, and food distributors. Wavepoint COLD storage offers you quantity and quality: from high-volume production to case-intensive picking, load consolidation, and coordinating store-to-store deliveries.

A continuous record of third-party superior sanitation ratings certifies Wavepoint COLD storage as a safe environment for bakery products, juices, protein, dairy, fruits, and vegetables. Product integrity is assured through computerized tracking, state-of-the-art refrigeration monitoring, and ADP system security.

Wavepoint COLD supports food customers through a powerful network of warehouses, trucks and assets offering numerous cold-chain and 3PL solutions.


Erie, Pennsylvania Area Warehouse Services

Modern Multi-temperature Capabilities
  • 2 Million Cu. Ft. of temperature-controlled refrigerated and frozen storage
  • Freezer storage at -15°F
  • Cooler temperatures at 38° to 40°F
  • Room freezing and chilling: in-room core temperature reduction based on customer and/or product storage specifications
  • Product tempering: increasing core product temperature to customer specifications
Handling and Order Fulfillment
  • Full pallet and/or individual case selection as specified
  • Advance RF picking system and put away
  • Order assembly
  • Pallet kitting
  • Customer order tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Inbound history, outbound history
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Online report management
  • Documentation
  • Labeling and stamping


Truck, Rail and Cross-docking
  • Cross-docking (Rail to Truck or Truck to Rail)
  • 14 truck loading docks
  • Transloading
  • Three railcar loading docks with a siding for six additional railcars
  • Container loading and unloading



To drive efficiency in the foodservice segment, Wavepoint aggregates your less-than-truckload purchases, building optimized loads for delivery to the distribution center closest to the point of consumption. We provide value for manufacturers, distributors, and operators, filling gaps in the supply chain and increasing sales opportunities, product mix, and service to the end customer.

Return Goods Management

We offer many services to help our customers deal with returned or recalled product. We can inspect, sort, and separate products and arrange salvage sales or rendering services as the situation requires.


  • USDA Approved
  • DHHS FDA Registered
  • HACCP Programs
  • Affiliated with Global Cold Chain Alliance
    for continuous education and trends in frozen foods



  • Less than 2 hours from Buffalo, NY - Cleveland, Ohio - Pittsburgh, PA
  • Less than 4 hours from Columbus, Ohio - Toronto, Canada
  • Access to 70% of the US Population within 500 miles
  • Direct warehouse-to-track access for several commercial railroads
  • Easy access to Interstates 76, 79, 80, 86, and 90 and the Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York turnpikes


Consult with a Wavepoint COLD logistics expert regarding your cold storage needs.