Fluid Logistics with a Can Do Spirit

The legacy that is today Wavepoint 3PL is a story of successfully creating and executing customer driven solutions that align with ever-changing market conditions, born out of the demand for single-source logistics both responsive and competitive. We’d like to say we planned it all back in 1978 when we booked the first truck load, but, in full disclosure, we followed the market as it drove us to where we are today. Things have changed – and keep changing – and we're a 3PL provider for these times. Grassroots growth of individual trucking, warehousing, and brokerage enterprises brought together under new entrepreneurial leadership, is now aligned with the shared visions of excellence, supported by a talented staff and best-in-class assets, and the all-important ‘can do’ spirit.

The long and short of it: A lot happened in 2020. Roberts Trucking Company, LLC; Roberts Warehousing Inc.; Roberts Logistics Services; Moorehill Logistics; Rise Logistics; and Print Media Logistics Solutions are now under the umbrella of Wavepoint 3PL, a regionally owned logistics powerhouse rolling out onto the North American logistics landscape. We are at once new and 40 years old, both bright-eyed and well-seasoned. So, if you need a better option for cost-effective, fluid logistics, you’re more than welcome to ride the Wavepoint.


Keep the Customer First

To put the customer first as we drive growth, profitability, reinvestment, quality, customer satisfaction, and safety, in a culture of transparency and empowered employees. We will succeed by attracting and hiring the best industry talent that aligns with our vision for growth, remaining committed to our core values, and providing excellent service, solutions, and opportunities to our customers, vendors, and employees.



Bring Fluid Logistics to All Stakeholders

To be a leading provider of distribution, warehousing, logistics, and transportation services across a host of industries within the United States while having mutual respect and trust for our internal and external customers, teamwork at all levels, and a commitment to delivering fluid logistics in a safe, secure, and viable operation.



The essence of what makes Wavepoint unique


Operate by the highest ethical standards, honor our commitments to our customers, coworkers, and vendors, and own our actions by treating everyone fairly, with respect and trust.

Innovative Solutions

Bring new ideas and product offerings to the marketplace that elevate us above the competition by delivering expected results while holding to our core beliefs.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Actively pursue needed change, not waiting for changes to show up at our doorstep by leading innovation, service, and system enhancements, while making continual process improvements.

Strive for Excellence

Deliver customer freight and warehousing requirements without incident, issue, or error by strictly adhering to required personal, departmental, and functional performance standards that exceed best practices.

Performance and Execution

Achieve total customer satisfaction by understanding, responding, and facilitating issue-free services.

Transparency in Communication

Communicate business critical information in a transparent manner with team members, vendors, and customers.



Nimble and Fluid

Stay flexible to support customer warehousing and distribution anywhere in the U.S.



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