Hotshot Services

Hotshot services have become a specialized service of 'full-service' carriers. The Wavepoint 3PL team believed from the beginning that if we're truly going to serve our clients with total logistics control, we need the tools in place to provide hotshot transportation.

For those times where there is no time, Wavepoint can help you meet that demand.

Unlike our expedited services, our hotshot services move your freight as soon as it's available, maybe right off the production line. While there are exceptions, hotshot service typically solves a problem from the consignee's perspective: raw ingredients for a waiting production line, tooling for manufacturing on hold, etc.

Hotshot services address the needs of a single shipper and usually a single load. Because hotshot services involve Class 2 or 3 trucks with drop bed, gooseneck, or specialized trailers, we can deliver to receivers not equipped with loading docks for Class 8 trucks and trailers – for example, recreational vehicles, cars, and boats.

Wavepoint hotshot trailer

Wavepoint hotshot services:

  • Fully trained, experienced drivers with safe driver records
  • Teams available for alternate one drive, one sleep needed longer hauls
  • A full complement of Class 2 - Class 5 power units and suitable trailers
  • All drivers have validated DOT medical records
  • Supported by TMS and geo-tracking

Remember: Hotshot trucking has a low barrier to entry, so be wary of a 'carrier' with a dually and a door sign. Instead, trust your freight to a professional logistics provider. Wavepoint 3PL will help you meet that demand.

Call us for an immediate solution to your hotshot expedite needs.