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Effective Outbound and Inbound Inventory Strategies

If you are responsible for keeping a production line running, your stocking and replenishment strategy will be heavily influenced by the dependability, timeliness, and quality of the information you receive from suppliers. The same holds true in retail.

Many companies have implemented systems to manage their outbound-to-customer fulfillment, managing inbound-from-suppliers is more complex. This is because fulfillment occurs at the supplier’s location, and the supplier normally manages the carrier relationship – plus, there is no in-process status reporting.

Companies will deploy a multitude of inventory strategies, here are three ways to reduce costs and improve:

  • Reduce cost through sourcing freight management services
  • Control outbound and optimize loads and route planning and load tendering
  • Save costs and time by controlling inbound
  • Move closer to your customer with vendor managed inventory

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