Transportation Services

At the core of Wavepoint are well-established transportation services. Our expansive truck fleet includes 170 modern 53' dry van units. We can transport a single load, deliver direct to retail stores, operate your dedicated fleets, as well as manage the entire transportation function.

Combine this on-demand asset with best-of-class technology, experienced transportation managers and a professional driving team, and you have an excellent resource for all your transportation needs. Plus, our Managed Transportation Services are available for locating additional capacity as needed.

  • Nationwide OTR truckload and LTL coverage — intensive lane activities throughout the U.S. and Canada
  • TMS for optimum load planning, load status communications, response time and service performance
  • Web-based load tracking and event management
    • Innovation ‑ re-engineer transportation solutions that support leading edge supply chain strategies
    • Cost savings ‑ Lower transportation costs through the economies of multiple shippers, consolidation, and pool distribution services
  • Ongoing transportation analysis to continually improve cost and delivery performance
  • Pool distribution and multi-stop, time-sensitive delivery
  • Dedicated fleets:
    • Customize equipment for specific applications, including street-level delivery and multi-temperature loads
    • Develop new dedicated fleets or assume existing fleet operations
  • Shuttle service to support customer production

Dedicated Transportation Services

With extensive experience in third-party logistics, our management team is able to evaluate your transportation requirements from the important perspective of how it impacts the overall performance of your supply chain and organization.

Our management team builds a fluid and value-added transportation solution with contracted, dedicated, or carrier management. Complex transportation issues, such as lane activity and routing, load configurations, and supply chain requirements are all critically analyzed for optimum solutions.

Consistent, high-quality service level through Wavepoint company owned truck fleet

Develop new or assume existing dedicated transportation fleet operation and maintenance

Manage carrier partners capable of meeting our customers' specific needs, even in times of peak demand

Innovate – re-engineer solutions that lead to more efficient use of warehousing and production

Lower transportation costs achieved through the economies of consolidation and pool distribution services

Customized equipment for specific applications, including final mile street level unloading

Reduce manpower -- we manage all aspects of transportation -- carriers, dispatchers and drivers, systems and critical decision making and control processes

Ongoing transportation analysis to continually improve cost and delivery performance

Nationwide coverage – intensive lane activities throughout the U.S. and Canada


Creating a sustainable transportation solution

Our commitment to sustainable transportation encompasses equipment and operations. Our fleet is SmartWay Certified as emissions compliant. We strive to identify continuous moves and backhaul opportunities for all carriers and private fleets and utilize smart routing to ensure customers are not wasting resources on extra miles. Plus, we’re always working to optimize loads and cube. Wavepoint Transportation Services are easily integrated with capacity procurement, warehousing, value-added fulfillment, and engineering to provide complete supply chain solutions.

Expedited Services

Whether you’re a brick and mortar business or DTC startup, you’ll appreciate how our expedited services can be used as a marketing tool when ‘immediate delivery’ is part of your business model or when you need to ‘put out the fire’ with hot shot deliveries. We have you covered, too.


Wavepoint Transportation Services are easily integrated with capacity procurement, warehousing, value-added fulfillment, and engineering to provide complete supply chain solutions.


Transportation Reporting and Performance

Wavepoint uses the best tools to gain visibility into freight spend with reporting tools that make data-driven decisions and create a positive impact. Track freight by mode, location, carrier and get custom reports and quarterly consulting.

  • Standard and customized reports
  • Vendor and carrier metrics
  • Business Intelligence reporting
  • Industry/Customer COGS metrics
  • Visual reports to provide value added insight
Transportation Management Services TMS Dashboard

Freight Bill Payment and Auditing

One of the most tedious tasks is also one of the most important to your bottom line. Identifying all the potential areas for errors, correcting discrepancies, and ensuring future accuracy, Wavepoint Bill Audit and Payment Service provides an immediate benefit for any shipper looking to reduce transportation costs. We’ll help you avoid unwarranted charges and reduce freight expenses both directly and indirectly. Even the most forthright carrier is prone to periodic mistakes and a freight bill audit will catch and correct errors:

  • Shipment date discrepancies
  • Duplicate invoices
  • Weight variations
  • Rating errors
  • Contract term discrepancies
  • Service failures
  • Accessorial charges
  • Discount accuracy
  • Origin and destination errors

Managed Transportation Services

When things change quickly – onboarding a growing client, seasonal demand surge, supply chain disruption – call Wavepoint Managed Transportation Services. The most fluid of our logistics offering, Wavepoint Managed Transportation Service puts your needs front and center of the spot market to cover your loads or your lanes. We have excellent relationships with LTL, truckload, temperature-controlled, flatbed, multimodal, container, air freight . . . .   you name the mode; we know the road. Our transportation buyers move enough volume to command excellent buying power in the marketplace, so chances are we’ll be able to save you money as well as handle all the details.

Consider the advantages of booking through our Managed Transportation Services:

  • Easier with a one call does it all
  • Truckload, LTL Freight, and Small Parcel programs
  • Dedicated partner capacity
  • Transparent thanks to our TMS load tracking
  • Efficient because we know exactly where to find capacity
  • Comprehensive offering capacity in all modes


Put us to the test and find out for yourself!

Print and Media Logistics

Our Print & Media Logistics is one of several niche solutions to the complexities and unique demands of the print publications, direct mail, catalog and advertising industries. Functioning as the master link in the supply chain of these programs, Wavepoint coordinates inbound stock with 24/7 production schedules, then assures outbound product is delivered on time and on budget.

We accomplish this with a team of industry experts at every level. Our methodology can be transferred to other commodities, where new Wavepoint customers are surprised by the level of efficiency and economy Wavepoint brings to the processes. Our “can do” attitude and level of dedication are evident in every shipment.


WMS Warehousing Management Logistics Workers

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