Value-Added Logistics

Closely related to Vendor Managed Inventory, Wavepoint Value-Added Logistics partners with food manufacturers that need outbound mixing, bulk transloading to rail or inbound postponement strategies. Exacting analysis of the client's manufacturing process, vendor network, location and shipping lots, order cycle times and replenishment requirements provide a comprehensive solution for optimum supply chain efficiency. Value-added logistics services are designed for labor-intensive replenishment services, including product transportation and fulfillment. Because Wavepoint offers expertise in high-volume, SKU-intensive order processing, customers can depend on Wavepoint to respond quickly to market fluctuations, promotions, seasonal demands or even new product introductions.

Extends to additional manufacturing, bulk repacking, POS/POP display assembly and other postponement services

Club store SKU repacking

Especially critical in e-commerce fulfillment requiring unique packaging, kitting and parcel service

In support of manufacturers, foodservice and wholesalers, Wavepoint builds critical mass among customers to provide cost-saving pool distribution. Our hub in Pennsylvania provides one-call solution to serving clients with national distribution demands but with orders that don’t support truckload volumes.


VAL Value Added Logistics Worker Inventory

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